Friday, 14 August 2015

sweeping - term 3

Last Wednesday me and Reuben started to sweep in the car park by the hill. We went to Mr Walkers shed and asked him if he had any jobs we can helped him with.We asked him if we could sweep the car park because it was looking dirty. Mr Walker said "Yes", so we started to sweep the car park. We could only sweep for five minutes because the bell was going to ring and I said to Reuben "Hurry up we need to get this done before the bell!" The bell rang and we froze and put the tools away. Then we went back to class. When we got into class we did some learning before the bell rang for morning tea. At morning tea we went to Mr Walkers shed and got the tools out. Reuben and I had a great time together helping Mr Walker at morning tea. Last Thursday and Friday Blake swept by himself.

On Monday Reuben and I did sweeping together and we had fun. On Tuesday me and Nathan swept and we had fun too. On Wednesday it was raining at morning tea so me and Joshua couldn't sweep but we did sweep at lunch time because it was outside play. Me and Joshua swept the puddles down the drain and I was coming along and I didn't see a puddle in the middle of the driveway. Then I accidentally stood in the puddle and I got splashed all up my uniform. I said "I give up!". Thursday at morning tea me and Joshua did sweeping and we had to bring the classroom cones back so we took the wheelie bin down to room 28 and Joshua took the cones inside while I took the bin back to the shed. At lunchtime it's meeting time and at the meeting me Nathan Joshua and Reuben decided since we had a great week with the schedule we will do it again next week. In the last 15 minutes me and Joshua did some sweeping. Friday is just me.

Explanation about How to Make Windchimes

I was learning to write a clear explanation for an audience. I thought if was fun because it was a hands on thing.It was great. My favourite part was painting the clay. I found the rolling of the clay quite tricky. My next step is to describe the object better.