Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Labour Day

On Monday I went to Bunnings with my family. My dad had to get two or three lengths of a gutter. My sister went in my dad´s van and I went in my mum´s car. 

My mum and me got there first. Eight seconds later my dad and Emma came. My mum and me walked safely across the car park to the building. 

Then we went inside and we went to the cafe. I had a diet coke and an m&mś and chocolate chip biscuit. My sister had a fluffy. Because it was Labour Day there was lots of special things at Bunnings. Like hot dogs, playground, cafe, lollypop´s, balloon animals, face paint and that´s it. Me and my sister went on the playground.

Then we went down isle 6 and got two or three lengths of a gutter. While my mum and dad were at the counter I asked my mum if we could go to the middle door and get a lolly pop on the way out while my dad was tying the gutters to the top of his van.

My mum said we could open our lolly pop´s when we got outside. We had our lolly pop´s and then had a sausage sizzle. Finally we got in the car and went home. I had a good time at Bunnings.

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Geronimo Stilton

   My Reflection

 This is a follow up of Geronimo that I did and I had to describe the character.  

It was easy.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

swimming term 4

On Wednesday 14  October I went swimming in elm park's pool. I put my toe in the water and it was freezing! then I didn't want to get in.............but I did. My teacher Mrs Robertson said "Can you swim the length of the pool and back?" "Yes I can Mrs Robertson" and I did it. Then I played ball with Joshua. Then Aaron asked me if I wanted the tire to float with and I said "yes please" I had fun floating on the tire and pushing the ball to Joshua.  When Joshua got out of the pool and the ball game finished I swam over to Emma and asked if she wanted the tire. She said "Yes please!" So I swam under water went across and up until I was out of the tire. Then I gave the tire to Emma. Then I just did normal swimming until it was time to get out of the pool. After that I got changed and ready for lunch. But before I could have lunch I had to get a new plaster on. At last it was time for Lunch!

                               THE   END.