Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Matariki Rotations

On Thursday 18 June 2015 at Elm Park School.We all gathered in the courts to get in our groups to celebrate Matariki.

First I went room 10 with Mrs S. She gave us a sheet of paper to make stars. We had to colour in the stars. I chose pink, purple and yellow. I had fun making the stars. I thought my star was cool. I said to Mrs S "I'm finished", and I was the first one to finish. Then Mrs S said "I like your work Blake. Great job!"

Next Mrs S told me to go to room 30. When I got there Mrs Howard was sitting at the teachers desk and then she came over to the whiteboard and wrote our lesson on the board. We were singing a song.  It was counting in Maori from 1 to 10.  The song was getting a bit complicated for me so I just sat at the side until they were done.  Then some people came over and played a game next to me and then Mrs Howard told those people off for playing the game.  They were meant to be in the circle joining in with the song and she said "It's fine for Blake to be out there but you guys need to join in."  Then I buddied up with Nathan and we played Old Man's Dead.  Mrs Howard said "You guys have to go to Room 17."

At Room 17 I waited outside the door but everybody pushed past me.  Mrs Rist growled them.  We went inside.  I went inside first because I was lined up first.  We made porotiti.  Porotiti is a piece of circle cardboard that the teacher cut out.  We get the scissors and poke two holes.  Then we put string through the holes.  You tie the string through the holes and so that there would be a loop at one end and at the other end there will be a tie. Then we coloured them in with vivid. I used red and black and then at the top I wrote my name. Then I turned and wound up the string and then pulled it out and in out and in out and in so it spins. If you stop pulling, the circle will stop spinning. Then you have to wind it up again.

After that I went back to class. We all sat on the mat and shared what we had done to celebrate Matariki.

Finally the bell went for recess and we all ran outside to eat and then play.

Overall I thought it was fun. My favourite part was making the stars in room 10 with Mrs S. I like stars and I like art, I am very creative. I'm looking forward to the next Matariki celebration so that I can do some of the different activities next time.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

100 word challenge - It's not my fault...

Weeks ago I started this thing called the EPS helpers, that stands for Elm Park School Helpers.  We sweep around the school. One day we were sweeping and me and Nathan had an argument, so Mrs Johnston said "there would be no more sweeping". I said to Nathan "It's not my fault, you started it!" Nathan said "Well thanks a lot! Now all of us can't do the sweeping. Joshua, me and you, all of us can't do sweeping!" So I said how about we have some time off sweeping for a week and so we did. Today I said lets start sweeping again, but this time it's just me Nathan and Joshua.

Friday, 5 June 2015

My amazing day

On Wednesday 3 June 2015 me and Mrs Graham planned my amazing day on refill and then glued it into my daily task book.  I did lots of learning that day starting with a Gloss test.  Then I did my handwriting and after that I did my kitiaki art.  Finally I did a job for Ms J.

Overall I thought it was an amazing day and my favourite part was handwriting because I always do a good job on my handwriting.  I'm really looking forward to using my daily task book everyday.