Monday, 23 November 2015


 In this photo Mrs Sproull was throwing rings into the pool. I had to dive down under the water and pick up the rings. When I had them all I went to Mrs Sproull and she threw them again. 

 This year I learnt to do free style with a kick board.   It was really hard when I first learnt to do freestyle, but I kept trying and trying and kept practicing until I had got it. I would like to learn how to hold my breath underwater for 20 seconds. 


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Fireworks at the Howick Club

On Saturday 7th November I went to the Howick Club with my family.  We went to see the fireworks.

First we dropped Dad off because he went up for the draw and then he was going to watch the fireworks with us.  Mum, me and Emma went home and ate pizza for tea.  Then Mum drove us back up to the club.  We found a picnic table and we sat down.  I had some Nerds to eat.  Emma had some too.  They were orange and pink.  Same with me.  My dad went up to the Sports Bar and got some Coke because the normal bar was crowded.  My dad is a member so he's allowed in the Sports bar. But I'm not allowed in there. Because it's only for 18 year olds and over.

I went onto the flying fox then I went onto the playground.  I crawled through the tunnel and stuff.  I kept getting blisters on the flying fox because I was biting my skin and the flying fox made it worse. After that I sat down and we looked at the normal fireworks that were coming from people's houses.

Finally it was 8.30 and time for the fireworks to start.  They went bang, bang, bang.  The fireworks came from America.  They are for shows only and the Howick Club shopped overseas to buy some especially for their show.  They were louder than any other fireworks or anything else I've ever heard.  My favourite firework was the big bang one.

When it had all finished I went inside to the kids disco.  It started at 6 o'clock at night and went until 10 o'clock at night.  I did lots and lots of dancing. Someone spilt some water but no one knew about it. I didn't even know. I was dancing around in a circle and I didn't know the water was there and I slipped over.  I got a big purple bruise which has now turned red.   

                                            THE  END 

Monday, 2 November 2015


On the way to the Halloween party I had to drop off my dad to The Howick Club. Then we went to the halloween party it wasn't far away. I ate lots and lots of food, then I went to the toilet and then we went trick or treating.

I dressed up as a devilish vampire. I had a vampire mask, a cape and a devil fork. I went trick or treating with my sister and mum down Lynley Place. It was a good street because I got lots of lollies.

Then I went down Walworth Ave. Then I turned into Hope Farm Ave and didn't get any lollies. After that we went into Studfall St but STILL we didn't get any lollies! I'm not allowed to go down long driveways so I couldn't go to Mrs Sproull's house. 

At last I went into Walworth Ave and got a few lollies. Then into Tupaki Place and went to Mrs Melville's house. She wasn't there but her dog was barking. Then I went into Archmillen Ave to the corner and found Mrs Melville with a basket of lollies!!! She said "See you on Monday I hope you're not sick!" We walked into Marvon Downs and got a few sweets. 

Then my family got into the car and went home. We opened the gate, went inside the house and put a bowl of lollies on the radio in case trick or treaters came.  Finally Emma and I enjoyed some lollies!!