Monday, 23 November 2015


 In this photo Mrs Sproull was throwing rings into the pool. I had to dive down under the water and pick up the rings. When I had them all I went to Mrs Sproull and she threw them again. 

 This year I learnt to do free style with a kick board.   It was really hard when I first learnt to do freestyle, but I kept trying and trying and kept practicing until I had got it. I would like to learn how to hold my breath underwater for 20 seconds. 


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Fireworks at the Howick Club

On Saturday 7th November I went to the Howick Club with my family.  We went to see the fireworks.

First we dropped Dad off because he went up for the draw and then he was going to watch the fireworks with us.  Mum, me and Emma went home and ate pizza for tea.  Then Mum drove us back up to the club.  We found a picnic table and we sat down.  I had some Nerds to eat.  Emma had some too.  They were orange and pink.  Same with me.  My dad went up to the Sports Bar and got some Coke because the normal bar was crowded.  My dad is a member so he's allowed in the Sports bar. But I'm not allowed in there. Because it's only for 18 year olds and over.

I went onto the flying fox then I went onto the playground.  I crawled through the tunnel and stuff.  I kept getting blisters on the flying fox because I was biting my skin and the flying fox made it worse. After that I sat down and we looked at the normal fireworks that were coming from people's houses.

Finally it was 8.30 and time for the fireworks to start.  They went bang, bang, bang.  The fireworks came from America.  They are for shows only and the Howick Club shopped overseas to buy some especially for their show.  They were louder than any other fireworks or anything else I've ever heard.  My favourite firework was the big bang one.

When it had all finished I went inside to the kids disco.  It started at 6 o'clock at night and went until 10 o'clock at night.  I did lots and lots of dancing. Someone spilt some water but no one knew about it. I didn't even know. I was dancing around in a circle and I didn't know the water was there and I slipped over.  I got a big purple bruise which has now turned red.   

                                            THE  END 

Monday, 2 November 2015


On the way to the Halloween party I had to drop off my dad to The Howick Club. Then we went to the halloween party it wasn't far away. I ate lots and lots of food, then I went to the toilet and then we went trick or treating.

I dressed up as a devilish vampire. I had a vampire mask, a cape and a devil fork. I went trick or treating with my sister and mum down Lynley Place. It was a good street because I got lots of lollies.

Then I went down Walworth Ave. Then I turned into Hope Farm Ave and didn't get any lollies. After that we went into Studfall St but STILL we didn't get any lollies! I'm not allowed to go down long driveways so I couldn't go to Mrs Sproull's house. 

At last I went into Walworth Ave and got a few lollies. Then into Tupaki Place and went to Mrs Melville's house. She wasn't there but her dog was barking. Then I went into Archmillen Ave to the corner and found Mrs Melville with a basket of lollies!!! She said "See you on Monday I hope you're not sick!" We walked into Marvon Downs and got a few sweets. 

Then my family got into the car and went home. We opened the gate, went inside the house and put a bowl of lollies on the radio in case trick or treaters came.  Finally Emma and I enjoyed some lollies!! 



Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Labour Day

On Monday I went to Bunnings with my family. My dad had to get two or three lengths of a gutter. My sister went in my dad´s van and I went in my mum´s car. 

My mum and me got there first. Eight seconds later my dad and Emma came. My mum and me walked safely across the car park to the building. 

Then we went inside and we went to the cafe. I had a diet coke and an m&mś and chocolate chip biscuit. My sister had a fluffy. Because it was Labour Day there was lots of special things at Bunnings. Like hot dogs, playground, cafe, lollypop´s, balloon animals, face paint and that´s it. Me and my sister went on the playground.

Then we went down isle 6 and got two or three lengths of a gutter. While my mum and dad were at the counter I asked my mum if we could go to the middle door and get a lolly pop on the way out while my dad was tying the gutters to the top of his van.

My mum said we could open our lolly pop´s when we got outside. We had our lolly pop´s and then had a sausage sizzle. Finally we got in the car and went home. I had a good time at Bunnings.

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Geronimo Stilton

   My Reflection

 This is a follow up of Geronimo that I did and I had to describe the character.  

It was easy.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

swimming term 4

On Wednesday 14  October I went swimming in elm park's pool. I put my toe in the water and it was freezing! then I didn't want to get in.............but I did. My teacher Mrs Robertson said "Can you swim the length of the pool and back?" "Yes I can Mrs Robertson" and I did it. Then I played ball with Joshua. Then Aaron asked me if I wanted the tire to float with and I said "yes please" I had fun floating on the tire and pushing the ball to Joshua.  When Joshua got out of the pool and the ball game finished I swam over to Emma and asked if she wanted the tire. She said "Yes please!" So I swam under water went across and up until I was out of the tire. Then I gave the tire to Emma. Then I just did normal swimming until it was time to get out of the pool. After that I got changed and ready for lunch. But before I could have lunch I had to get a new plaster on. At last it was time for Lunch!

                               THE   END.

Friday, 14 August 2015

sweeping - term 3

Last Wednesday me and Reuben started to sweep in the car park by the hill. We went to Mr Walkers shed and asked him if he had any jobs we can helped him with.We asked him if we could sweep the car park because it was looking dirty. Mr Walker said "Yes", so we started to sweep the car park. We could only sweep for five minutes because the bell was going to ring and I said to Reuben "Hurry up we need to get this done before the bell!" The bell rang and we froze and put the tools away. Then we went back to class. When we got into class we did some learning before the bell rang for morning tea. At morning tea we went to Mr Walkers shed and got the tools out. Reuben and I had a great time together helping Mr Walker at morning tea. Last Thursday and Friday Blake swept by himself.

On Monday Reuben and I did sweeping together and we had fun. On Tuesday me and Nathan swept and we had fun too. On Wednesday it was raining at morning tea so me and Joshua couldn't sweep but we did sweep at lunch time because it was outside play. Me and Joshua swept the puddles down the drain and I was coming along and I didn't see a puddle in the middle of the driveway. Then I accidentally stood in the puddle and I got splashed all up my uniform. I said "I give up!". Thursday at morning tea me and Joshua did sweeping and we had to bring the classroom cones back so we took the wheelie bin down to room 28 and Joshua took the cones inside while I took the bin back to the shed. At lunchtime it's meeting time and at the meeting me Nathan Joshua and Reuben decided since we had a great week with the schedule we will do it again next week. In the last 15 minutes me and Joshua did some sweeping. Friday is just me.

Explanation about How to Make Windchimes

I was learning to write a clear explanation for an audience. I thought if was fun because it was a hands on thing.It was great. My favourite part was painting the clay. I found the rolling of the clay quite tricky. My next step is to describe the object better.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Kaitiaki Art

This is my Kaitiaki Art.  It's a picture of the Maori God of the Wind.  His name is Tawhirimatea.  I had to type up words about him on the computer and them print them off.  Then we had to cut the words out and glue them on.  I traced the god from a picture then coloured it and cut it out and stuck it onto the black piece of cardboard.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Matariki Rotations

On Thursday 18 June 2015 at Elm Park School.We all gathered in the courts to get in our groups to celebrate Matariki.

First I went room 10 with Mrs S. She gave us a sheet of paper to make stars. We had to colour in the stars. I chose pink, purple and yellow. I had fun making the stars. I thought my star was cool. I said to Mrs S "I'm finished", and I was the first one to finish. Then Mrs S said "I like your work Blake. Great job!"

Next Mrs S told me to go to room 30. When I got there Mrs Howard was sitting at the teachers desk and then she came over to the whiteboard and wrote our lesson on the board. We were singing a song.  It was counting in Maori from 1 to 10.  The song was getting a bit complicated for me so I just sat at the side until they were done.  Then some people came over and played a game next to me and then Mrs Howard told those people off for playing the game.  They were meant to be in the circle joining in with the song and she said "It's fine for Blake to be out there but you guys need to join in."  Then I buddied up with Nathan and we played Old Man's Dead.  Mrs Howard said "You guys have to go to Room 17."

At Room 17 I waited outside the door but everybody pushed past me.  Mrs Rist growled them.  We went inside.  I went inside first because I was lined up first.  We made porotiti.  Porotiti is a piece of circle cardboard that the teacher cut out.  We get the scissors and poke two holes.  Then we put string through the holes.  You tie the string through the holes and so that there would be a loop at one end and at the other end there will be a tie. Then we coloured them in with vivid. I used red and black and then at the top I wrote my name. Then I turned and wound up the string and then pulled it out and in out and in out and in so it spins. If you stop pulling, the circle will stop spinning. Then you have to wind it up again.

After that I went back to class. We all sat on the mat and shared what we had done to celebrate Matariki.

Finally the bell went for recess and we all ran outside to eat and then play.

Overall I thought it was fun. My favourite part was making the stars in room 10 with Mrs S. I like stars and I like art, I am very creative. I'm looking forward to the next Matariki celebration so that I can do some of the different activities next time.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

100 word challenge - It's not my fault...

Weeks ago I started this thing called the EPS helpers, that stands for Elm Park School Helpers.  We sweep around the school. One day we were sweeping and me and Nathan had an argument, so Mrs Johnston said "there would be no more sweeping". I said to Nathan "It's not my fault, you started it!" Nathan said "Well thanks a lot! Now all of us can't do the sweeping. Joshua, me and you, all of us can't do sweeping!" So I said how about we have some time off sweeping for a week and so we did. Today I said lets start sweeping again, but this time it's just me Nathan and Joshua.

Friday, 5 June 2015

My amazing day

On Wednesday 3 June 2015 me and Mrs Graham planned my amazing day on refill and then glued it into my daily task book.  I did lots of learning that day starting with a Gloss test.  Then I did my handwriting and after that I did my kitiaki art.  Finally I did a job for Ms J.

Overall I thought it was an amazing day and my favourite part was handwriting because I always do a good job on my handwriting.  I'm really looking forward to using my daily task book everyday.

Friday, 29 May 2015

100 Word chalange

One Saturday I went to Rubens house.Once I got to Rubens house I went in his room and said why are you laughing. Then he said ''I shoved a pastel down the end of the felt-tip lid and now I can't get it out.'' Then I said ''I'm  going to borrow your box of Lego.'' ''I tipped his box of Lego on the floor, and got his box and put it in the hallway then I stood on it. And I said hi Ruben. Then I said sorry and went outside and played hide and seek even though we weren't aloud to because it was really really wet and slippery outside so we  played hide and seek inside. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

Rounding Numbers

I had some numbers that I had to round to the nearest ten or hundred.  It was a bit hard because I didn't really know what number goes where.  I was using a number line to count what the answer was.  I just looked at some other ones and I just knew it would be the answer.  Mrs Graham and Ms Johnston helped me with some of it and I did some by myself.  When I was with Ms Johnston I did it all by myself.  It was a little bit easy because I kind of knew where some of the numbers go but it I didn't know some of them so it was a bit hard and a bit tricky.  It was a bit easy at the same time.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Locating Information - monarch butterflies

I was learning to find information when I read.  For the first activity, I had to find information by watching the video.  It was about caterpillars munching on the leaves.  For the second activity, I had to fill in the information by reading the story in the School Journal 2:4.  I had to answer all the questions by finding all the information.  It was a bit hard because I hadn't read this book before.  My school has been doing the same.  We have been tagging the butterflies as well.  For the third activity, I had to put the labels.  My teacher had put a link and I had to find the information there.  The link was there to help me but if I didn't need it I could just put them on.  For the last activity, I had to do a Venn diagram of what is the same and what isn't the same between a butterfly and a moth.  I found it a bit hard because I didn't know where some of them went but there was a link to help me so I fixed some of them up.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Learning About Adjectives

I was learning to add adjectives to give my sentences more meaning.
I have to remember to use adjectives that make the picture clear for my reader.
I thought this activity was easy because I imagined the pictures in my head.
My best adjective was black and white because I have a black and white kitten.

My next step is to use adjectives in my own stories to make them interesting.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Term 1 Week 8

Last Friday we went to the Life Education Van.  We were learning about feelings.  Celia told us more about feelings.  We watched a video clip about him moving to a new school and how he felt and how he didn;t want to move because he would have to make new friends.  The people at the new school weren't friendly to him.  We played the matching game and we are going back next Wednesday.  

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Counting Back - Subtraction

My Reflection

I have been learning to count backwards from the biggest number to solve subtraction problems.  I found this a little bit tricky because it was hard to count back.  My next step is to keep on practising.

My Pepeha

This is my Pepeha.  I have been learning to introduce myself using my Pepeha.  We also made some art to display our pepehas.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Term 1 week 7

Yesterday I liked sports with youth town. The games was fun.

Image result for youth town sports

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Term 1 Week 6

Yesterday I got a Deputy Principal's Sticker because I worked really well and I tried hard in my maths.  Sometimes I find maths hard but the teacher helped me and it made it easier for me.  I enjoyed the activity.  We played the dice game and put 3 digit numbers into order from the smallest to the biggest.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

African Praise Poem

I was learning to write and African Praise Poem.  It was very tricky.  The hardest part was thinking of what animal.  The easiest part was talking about my family.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Term 1 Week 5

Rocket readers read a book called The Cantankerous Camel and then we made some art about the book. I really liked getting creative.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Venn Diagram New Years Comparison

I.A.L.T find similarities and differences in a text. We have been reading about Chinese Year, We used a venn diagram to compare Chinese and New Zealand New Year.
I found this easy because I knew what to do and because I am very good at comparing. My next step is to practice comparing books. It was fun, I want to do it again next time. 

Term 1 Week 4

I have enjoyed drawing my Cantankerous Camel picture.  I enjoyed being creative.  We used pencil, crayons, black vivid and dye.  I enjoyed the story because it was funny.  The best part was the end when he fell into the cactus.  

Friday, 13 February 2015

My 2015 Welcome Post

Welcome to my Year 4 learning blog.  This year I am in Room 28/29 and my teachers are Mrs Graham and Mrs Melville.  I enjoy art and going up to the park.  This year I am looking forward to bike skills.  I hope you will enjoy my blog and leave lots of feedback.