Thursday, 11 May 2017

Term 2 Week 2

Buddhist Temple

On Thursday the 11 of May I went on a school trip. I had to get to school really early. I answered the roll very quickly and I walked to the bus. The bus transported us to the temple. when we got to the temple it was raining.The people that worked at the temple had umbrella's for us. They took us inside the temple.  We looked at the Wishing Bell and the lady talked about the trees in the garden and the mondo grass.  If you stand on the mondo grass it automatically bounces back up.  Next we made some lotus flowers from paper pop-outs and stapled rubber bands to them so they could go around our wrists to be worn.  We went to the buddha statues outside and we poured water on them while we talked about the 3Gs.  The 3Gs are "Do good deeds", "Think good thoughts" and say good words".
Then we went into a special room where we watched a movie until the others had finished doing their outside Buddha washing.  Then the lady came along and said we are going to do some flying over the lotus flowers on the floor.  We went round to the next room and had a look at the 3Gs and 4Gs.  The 4 Gs are the things we give to other people - confidence, convenience, hope and joy. Finally we had morning tea which was good because I was starving.  We had chocolate brownie and yucky water.  After morning tea, we went into the hall and we saw some police officers and they taught us about the 3Gs/4Gs and values in the community.  Then we went back into the welcoming room and sat in our groups lines then turned around and headed to the door.  We got on the bus and went back to school and had lunch.

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Mrs Graham said...

This was an awesome trip wasn't it Blake. You enjoyed it and I am impressed with how much detail you can recall about all the things we did.